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Legacy Gifts


Planning a Legacy Gift is one way you and your family can help support the future of your community through the United Way. Your gift may create a lasting legacy to help people for years to come or provide funds needed today to build a great community for the future.

Legacy giving defined is planning to make a future contribution, for example a deferred gift such as a bequest in a Will. Legacy Gifts can take many forms, from specific cash bequests to gifts in kind such as real estate, securities and other tangible property or life insurance policies



The same caring which motivates people to give of their time, talents and money to charities or causes they have supported during their lifetime also motivates people at any economic level to leave bequests to those same causes in their Will.

A gift made now or one made later through a bequest does not have to be large to play an important part in the help United Way provides in your community.

Your first consideration must always be to provide for loved ones, whether family or special friends. And, as you have supported the community through United Way for years, you need not forget us when making your Will.


Gift of Life Insurance

"Life insurance is an easy way to give to my community."

A gift of life insurance is a way to make a significant gift in the future while receiving tax benefits today. You can give United Way Central and Northern Vancouver Island ownership of a new policy, a paid-up policy, or a policy on which premiums remain to be paid.

Read about Marianne, one of our donors of a life insurance policy.


Gift of Property

Donating property is one way to use what you already own to make a significant contribution to United Way Central and Northern Vancouver Island. There are a number of ways to donate property now or in the future, and each provides different tax benefits and levels of flexibility.


Gift of Trust

Charitable remainder trusts are emerging as an important gift planning vehicle being suggested to individuals not only by charities, but also by lawyers, trust officers and financial planners. Broadly defined, a charitable remainder trust is any trust where all or a portion of the remaining trust assets are distributed to a charity at the termination of the trust.

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