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2017-2018 Community Partners

When you support United Way, you are making a positive impact on local lives. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, in 2017-2018 United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island is funding 75 Community Partners who are delivering 91 programs and projects helping more than 42,000 people in: 

Cowichan Valley Central Island Comox Valley Campbell River

Cowichan Valley

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cowichan Valley

In-school Mentoring Program - Children in need of a mentor are matched with a role model. The group of volunteer role models invests their time once a week to play sports with their mentored child, encourage them to read, and offer advice regarding the challenges of growing up.  

Clements Centre Society 

Family Resource Program  - To reduce parental stress and parenting pressures, personable support groups help families navigate through local social services available to them. If barriers interfere with access to needed resources, family counselors may advocate on the family’s behalf.

Seasons for Living - Through partnered support with residential services, people experiencing poverty are connected to affordable housing options including Supported Independent living, Home Sharing, and group residences.

Community Options Society 

Youth and Family Outreach and Group Support - Local support groups are implemented to promote skill development and social inclusion and engage families more in the community.

Girls Empowerment Groups - Allows girls to connect, express themselves, and be heard. Girls complete the program and return to school with new friendships and newly found confidence.

Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society  

Support Groups and Counselling  - Caregiving can be both satisfying and stressful. To alleviate stress and acknowledge caregivers’ support, one-on-one emotional support and group discussions are provided. Information and referrals are also given those in need of additional assistance.

Cowichan Family Life Association

Books 'n' Bubbles Bus Educates children in outlying communities through a traveling 41’ renovated Bluebird bus that provides literacy and learning activities to children who otherwise would have limited tools during their early development.

Books 'n' Bubbles Bus: Food for Thought -  Teaches children the basics of nutrition and how to prepare healthy meals. 

Volunteer Counselling Program  -   Volunteer counselors provide quality support to adult peers who are facing issues negatively impacting their lives. Through training, the counselors identify ways to gain meaningful insight and help clients make changes in their lives where it will matter the most. 

Cowichan Lake Community Services Society 

Activity Centre  - Offering services and providing information to the community for assistance with government forms, social services, and programs. 

Adult Parenting Program  - Offering parenting classes and support to parents who feel alone or inadequate and helping them acquire life skills.

Summer Camps  - Offering academic tutoring to children with subjects that they struggled with in school.

Cowichan Neighbourhood House Association 

Youth Resource Program – Providing a fun, safe place for youth to go after school for free training courses for Food Safe and First Aid certifications and to learn new skills such as resume writing and finding a job. 

Cowichan Valley Basket Society

Food Baskets - Providing protein in food baskets for people with limited income so they can prepare nutritional meals at home.

Cowichan Valley Hospice Society 

Individual and Group Bereavement Support  - Helping people reduce the grief of losing a loved one through emotional support in a group setting and one-on-one.

Cowichan Valley Regional District

Transit Assistance Program (T.A.P.) - Providing low-income people or people at-risk of being homeless with free bus tickets.

Vancouver Island Crisis Society 

Youth Suicide Prevent Program  - Offering suicide prevention and intervention skills and training for high school students in School District 79. 

Ts'ewulhtun Health Centre 

Circle of Security Parenting Program  - Delivers medical examinations on a drop-in basis to improve the overall health and well-being of Ts’wulhtun people.


Central Island 


Cowichan Valley Hospice Society 

Hospice Palliative and Bereavement Program -  Providing free support for people living with an advancing illness and their caregivers, and to those grieving the death of a loved one. 

Ladysmith Family and Friends (LaFF) 

Family Resource Program  - Providing a community living room space for children and adults with nutritious meals, parenting support, social interactions and strong community ties.   

LEYP Physical Literacy Enhancement InitiativeTeaches youth the value of physical activity while instilling motivation and confidence so that they may lead active lifestyles.

Ladysmith Resources Centre Association

Dad's Drop-in - Providing dads and their children from marginalized families a fun and safe place to spend quality time together.



Summer Camps - Provides an environment for kids in need who may not otherwise be able to afford a camp experience. These kids are supported through other UWCNVI funded programs. An educational focus is placed on animal care, welfare, and individual ways to help animals. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Vancouver Island

In-School Mentorship Program - Matching trained mentors with children who participate in various activities and create positive relationships so that the children feel valued and go on to have increased attendance and success at school.

Boys and Girls Clubs Central Vancouver Island 

South Side Teen Centre - Offering a safe space for youth, many of whom are marginalized, recreational activities, healthy, stable relationships, new skills to help them in school and to be future leaders in our community.

Family Resource Programs - Creating positive, healthy relationships and community connections for parents, caregivers and vulnerable children under five at a weekly family drop-in and Mother Goose program.

Generation Q - Works to minimize the risk queer youth face in the community, and implement coping techniques to deal with issues negatively impacting LGBTQ adolescents. 

Haven Society

Children Who Witness Abuse - Providing group and individual counseling to children who have witnessed abuse and their caregivers so that they can be safer and have healthy relationships, and violence prevention presentations are offered to youth.  

Island Crisis Care Society 

GAPS - Supportive Housing Outreach (at Samaritan House) - Providing practical and emotional support to women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness through programs that lead to self-confidence and an improved quality of life.

Oceanside Outreach - Providing support and housing to adults and seniors who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

Literacy Central Vancouver Island

Reading for Life - Offering men at the Nanaimo Correctional Centre a book club to improve their literacy skills. Books of all reading levels are provided and volunteers facilitate the book club.

Mid-Island Abilities and Independent Living Society

Nanaimo Senior Visiting Program - Providing seniors with home visits, phone calls and outings with volunteers to reduce their loneliness and to offer them freedom and activities outside their home.

Nanaimo Brain Injury Society

Volunteer Peer Mentor Program - Matching brain injury survivors to mentor people dealing with a brain injury to help them identify and achieve life goals as part of their own recovery.

Nanaimo Citizen Advocacy Association

Outreach Program - Providing people living in poverty with persistent, multiple barriers are able to receive outreach interventions resulting in improved finances, housing, health and personal security.

Nanaimo Community Hospice 

Child and Youth Program - Supporting Nanaimo youth through their grief after suffering the loss of a loved one through death in a healthy way and go on to experience emotional wellness.
Seniors' Palliative and Grief Support Program - Supporting seniors during the end of life and assisting palliative seniors, their families and caregivers to move from hopelessness to empowerment.

Nanaimo Community Kitchens Society

Cooking Out of the Box - Providing teens and adults with limited incomes a supportive, group environment to learn how to cook on a budget and to prepare healthy meals for their families.

Nanaimo Family Life Association

Volunteer Counselling Program - Training volunteers to provide counseling, mediation and workshops to people of all ages for suicide prevention, family and life issues, crisis support and healthier interactions.

Support Among Youth Program - Offering a support group for youth to learn mental wellness skills through self-exploration and mentorship to support other youth with similar issues. 

Nanaimo - Ladysmith Schools Foundation 

Food Support Program - Provides nutrition to the nearly 1-in-5 SD68 students affected by poverty, so that they can be healthy and succeed in school. 

Nanaimo Region John Howard Society

CODE Dental Clinic  - Providing emergency dental services for youth, adults, and seniors who are homeless or living in poverty to help them improve their oral health, diet and appearance. 

Restorative Justice Program -  Providing a safe space for victims of crime to confront offenders, many of the youth, to keep them out of the court system and to provide everyone with healing and closure.

Nanaimo Unique Kids Organization

Summer Day Camps - Providing social and recreational activities for children and youth with neuro-developmental disabilities.

Nanaimo Women's Resources Society

Homes to Homes - Providing women and families with household items and other essentials to assist with the process of exiting homelessness. 

Nanaimo Youth Services Association

Kids for Kids Offering kids a safe, fun and supportive place to go after school and participate in a variety of activities such as team sports, sewing, and crafts that promote health and well-being. Kids also receive a meal each week. 

Parent Support Services Society of BC

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren - Offering grandparents who are raising grandchildren - many of these grandchildren have special needs - peer support, parenting education and awareness of community resources.

Sex Trade Coalition

Reduce The Harms Associated with the Sex Trade – Providing safe transitional housing options for women who want to exit the sex trade, along with support services along the way. 

Spinal Cord Injury BC 

Peer Program "Life Changer" Activities - Offering group support and activities for individuals who are adjusting to life in a wheelchair. 

Vancouver Island Crisis Society

Youth Suicide Prevention Program -  Training students and school staff on suicide awareness, prevention and intervention skills. 

Vancouver Island Mental Health Society 

Resident Community Reintegration Program  - Offering activities for adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses, along with their family members and friends, allowing them to participate fully in community life and to have a sense of well-being.

Vancouver Island University - Vancouver Foundation 

Youth Futures Education Fund - Providing students, who used to be in government care and are pursuing a post-secondary education on a tuition waiver, living expenses to help them focus on their studies. 

Gabriola Island
The Hope Centre

Teen Peer Helping Program - Providing teens with skills in maintaining supportive relationships and healthy social skills. 

Errington Elementary

ACE (Kids for Kids) - Providing children and youth at Errington Elementary School an after-school program to help them excel at home and in the community through games, crafts, cooking and music lessons.  

Errington Therapeutic Riding Association

Therapeutic Riding  – Improving the overall well-being of children, youth and adults with physical and mental disabilities through horseback riding and developing a bond with their horse.

Forward House Community Society 

Healthy Eating Meal Program -  Providing nutritional, low-cost meals to people with mental health and addiction issues, and educating clients on healthy eating choices and at home meal preparation. 


Qualicum Beach  

Oceanside Hospice Society

Adult Bereavement Counsellor -  Offering group and individual grief counseling sessions to help adults move through their grief so that they can return to enjoying social interactions, feeling more confident about the future, and creating a new life.


Port Alberni

Canadian Red Cross 

RespectED Bullying Program  - Providing high school students with the training to deliver bullying prevention workshops in their high schools. 

Alberni Valley Community School Society

Counsellor - Delivers support and constructive feedback for Alberni Valley high school students that are battling academic, interpersonal, and at-home issues.

Port Alberni Association for Children with Development Issues 

Stars KitUsing a skills kit box and train the trainer approach, this program ensures more young children have increased OT based school readiness skills.

Comox Valley 

AIDS Vancouver Island

Health Promotion Drop-In  - Providing workshops, counseling, and support to live a healthy lifestyle for people with disabilities living with HIV and/or HCV and those at risk due to homelessness and drug use.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island

Parents in the Know Program Providing adults with opportunities for education, skill development and support on parenting skills.

Parenting Without Power Struggles - Encouraging parents to gain confidence in their parenting skills, and to share and discover ideas how to prepare for their children's transition from preteen to teen. 

Comox Valley Community Adult Literacy and Learning Society

Money Matters Providing one-on-one financial tutoring and resource binders for adults who have difficulty making ends meet to help them build savings so that they can move out of poverty.

Comox Valley Family Services Association

Neighborhood Connections - A collective of several early-literacy and family-centered programs to collectively promote a strong community coalition of action for vulnerable children and their families. It involves several organizations working collectively to coordinate neighborhood-based initiatives that deliver early-learning programming for families with children between birth and 6 years who face significant challenges.

Comox Valley Head Injury Society

Family and Caregivers Counseling ProgramDelivers counseling sessions to caregivers treating brain injury patients in order to improve their mental health and well-being. There are few supports for caregivers in our community. CHIS is one place families can go for the much-needed support they require. 

Comox Valley Hospice Society

Caregiver Support - Offering weekly relaxing, alternative therapies to caregivers of a loved one at the end of life so that they may remain healthy in their challenging role. 

Comox Valley Senior Peer Counselling Society

Volunteer Retention Program - One of the few organizations in the Comox Valley supporting our most vulnerable seniors runs almost exclusively by a team of well-trained senior volunteers. Our grant helps to fund the support needed to help train and retain these valuable assets. 

Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society

The Stable Program  - is an equine experiential learning program for youth with anxiety. Since 2007, anxiety has become the most commonly reported diagnosis a the d reason for referral to the Stable Program and the ages get younger every year with females out-numbering males with anxiety 2:1. With the waitlist up to a year-long, our grant allowed for program expansion by adding an additional class and dedicated spaces for those suffering from anxiety. 

Comox Valley Transition Society

Child and Youth Violence Prevention and Leadership Development - Presentations are conveyed for students and school staff to help identify students impacted by domestic violence and support them. The BE Safe Girls Group is for marginalized youth between the ages 11-18 to teach them about healthy relationships, build self-esteem and develop appropriate assertiveness, and other key skills to help them succeed. An older group of girls' focuses on those young women entering adulthood and pitched to those leaving care and others with limited resources. 

Eureka Support Society

Black Top Players - Offering adults with severe or chronic mental illness, most of them who live in poverty, opportunities to participate in puppet shows that highlight misunderstood issues around mental illness to children in grades four to six.

Homeless Coalition

Point-in-Time Count  - Conducting a Point-in-Time homeless count to identify the minimum number of homeless people living in the Comox Valley and community need to end homelessness.

Lush Valley Food Action Society

Young Cooks Program - Offering an after-school program to engage youth about food security and healthy eating.

Youth Hot Meal - Providing a hot, nutritious lunch to children and youth from low-income families so students attend school well-nourished and ready to learn.

Valley Families - Addresses food security and healthy food access issues in our community. 

Upper Island Women and Native Ancestry

Early Years Aboriginal Program - Proving families with Aboriginal cultural teachings related to early childhood education and parenting.

Vancouver Island Regional Library

Drop-in and Connect -  Giving homeless individuals a place to go for social support, education, training and financial counseling.  

Lake Trail Community Education Centre  

Lake Trail Youth Activities -  After school drop-in and programmed activities at the school targeting students who are not otherwise enrolled in sports, music, cadets and similar programs. A trained youth worker will schedule and supervise a variety of activities using the school's facilities including food rooms, fitness room, shop, drama and music rooms. OUtdoor activities such as cycling, survival, trail building, and ultimate will use the school garden, fields, and nearby forest. During the summer months, "day-camp" activities will be offered several times per week. Community volunteers will provide support and build relationships under the supervision of the paid coordinator. We now offer extremely limited drop-in programs a few times per term run by volunteers. 

Cumberland Community Schools Society   

Youth Centre - The CCSS Youth Centre provides a safe place for youth to hang out; offering programming, work experience, life skills, support services and opportunities for leadership. 


Campbell River 

Campbell River Beacon Club

Meal Program - Providing adults with on-going chronic mental illness a free weekly lunch and a weekly low-cost dinner. Adults help volunteers and staff with food prep, setting the table and washing dishes.   

Campbell River and District Adult Care Society

Seniors Lunch Program  - Providing nutritional, hot lunches and an exercise program to seniors who face multiple health and financial challenges and social isolation.

Campbell River and North Island Transition Society

Ann Elmore House Support Group  - Provides emotional support and emergency assistance to women and their children who are victims of abuse or violence.   

Campbell River Family Services Society

Parenting Skills Program - Providing opportunities for parents to share parenting concepts and new skills so that they can improve their parent-child relationship.

Open Studio Art Group - Provides art lessons and activities to young Campbell River families to foster community engagement and healthier parent-child relationships.

Campbell River Head Injury Society 

What's Next 101 Peer Support Program - Providing volunteer employment training and mentorship to brain injury survivors so that they are able to re-enter the workforce. 

Campbell River Literacy

Family Life Skills Support  - Providing education and information to low-income families with life skills development support while they prepare and share a nutritious lunch.  

John Howard Society of North Island 

Kid Start Mentoring children and youth who could benefit from having stable, committed and caring adults in their lives. 

North Island Survivors' Healing Society

Men's Counselling - Providing counseling to men who were physically, sexually or emotionally abused or neglected which has a ripple effect in promoting positive personal, work and community relationships.

Sexual Wellness and Education Society of Campbell River

Campbell River Youth Clinic - Providing a sexual wellness clinic for adolescents helps to reduce the rates of sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancies, violence in relationships, and drug and alcohol use before intercourse

Campbell River and District Association for Community Living 

Ages and Stages Enhanced Screening Program - To ensure that children receive early intervention services in a timely manner, early identification is important. The ASQ system relies on parents to observe their child and to complete the simple questionnaires about their child’s abilities, and results will determine whether early intervention is needed.

North Island Community Services

Community Action Plan for Children/Parents of Young Children – Offers family support, education and resources to parents/caregivers of children 0-6 yrs by increasing and building upon parenting and life skills.

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